Someone Modified A Roomba To Curse When It Bumps Into Things And Its Hilarious – VIDEO –

If you, like me, were unfamiliar with the name ‘Roomba,’ it is one of those robot vacuum cleaner things, which are now much more common and popular than I realized. Apparently, I’m still stuck in the middle ages, vacuuming away in analog like an absolute sucker.

Image credits: michaelreeves08

Anyway, like all modern technology, the designs for these things are always being constantly modified and refined, to make them smarter, quieter and more efficient.

Technology YouTuber Michael Reeves, known for his colorful language and clever but ultimately pointless robots, decided to take a different approach, however, by responding to his followers’ requests to make a Roomba that screams and curses when it bumps into stuff.

After some unusual engineering, Michael Reeves created a monster

Reeves, whose YouTube channel boasts over 2.2 million followers, did not seem overly enthusiastic about the idea and enlisted the help of fellow tech bloggers iDubbbzMaxMoeFoe, and LilyPichu to lend their voices and inspiration to the project.

Eventually, they come up with a whiney, potty-mouthed machine full of self-pity and existential dread, which Reeves then took to his local Target store for some ‘market research.’

A Rude Roomba that screams and curses when it bumps into stuff

He took the modified machine to his local Target store for some ‘market research’

The responses were mixed, with some laughs and bemused looks

He even tried to ‘return’ the apparently ‘malfunctioning’ Roomba, much to the shocked amusement of staff

In the end, Reeves concludes that the general public is not ready for the rude and rambunctious Roomba. “It appears as though our invention is simply too far ahead of its time,” he says. “The world isn’t ready for the Roomba that screams when it bumps into things and I’m okay with that.”

You can watch the full video below

Here’s how people reacted to the rude Roomba


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