Airline Introduces Tool To Stay Away From Screaming Babies On Its Flights

Japan Airlines’ seating map shows where children under the age of two are during their flights. This move, which is part of the organization’s Smile Support travel service, is supposed to benefit everyone involved: it keeps children only near passengers who aren’t bothered by screaming and other disruptions, and puts passengers who want nothing to do with a fussy baby aisles away from young families who are sick and tired of angry looks.

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At least one other Japanese airline offers its customers customers the same feature. A spokeswoman for All Nippon Airways said its seat maps have shown where children are sitting “for a while”.

The feature has been met with mixed reactions online. Some fliers have been expressing relief

Image credits: dequinix

Image credits: dequinix

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While others have been saying that flying near a crying child is simply part of air travel and everyone should just get over it

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Here’s what others had to say about it


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