35 Hottest Trends From The Past Decade That Everyone Forgot About

Trends come and go like seasons change, and while some are hated, ridiculed and shoved into the deepest and darkest corner of history, others manage to win us over and evoke a sense of nostalgia when we come across them once more. There are also trends that explode and go huge, spreading across the globe like wildfire and everyone, including your grandma, knows about it. And then they seemingly jump off the planet and disappear into oblivion. No one even remembers they happened.

Since 2010 we had quite a handful of fads like that, and despite of being either loved or hated, no one seems to remember or talk about them anymore(except maybe for that one kid who refuses to let go of his fidget spinner collection).




The Cup Song From Pitch Perfect

For example, planking, like many other fads, pushed people to take something very simple and make it as unusual as possible. As the trend gained traction, many “plankers” found more and more ridiculous places to place themselves, like in the luggage area of a plane or on top of a McDonald’s sign.


The Ice Bucket Challenge



Many of the popular trends from the 2010s involved games. With the rise of mobile apps such games like Fruit Ninja and Flappy Bird quickly garnered enormous attention and while those were eventually forgotten, some of the apps still have remaining user bases. The explosion of Pokemon Go in 2016 resulted in a previously unprecedented phenomenon where millions of people went outside to play the game. And although the original hype died down, the game is still relatively popular despite the general public’s absence of interest.


Mustache-Themed Everything


The Harlem Shake


People Freaking Out About The End Of The World In 2012 According To The Mayan Calendar


Fruit Ninja


The Dress Color Thing


What Does The Fox Say?


“Keep Calm And ____” Signs


People Yelling “Yolo” Or “Swag” Every Other Word


Pokemon Go


Nyan Cat


Duck Lips




The Mannequin Challenge


Fidget Spinners


Harambe Memes


Making Movie Adaptations Of Young Adult Novels


Crackled Nail Polish


Cinnamon Challenge


Rainbow Loom


Going Out Dressed As Clowns With A Weapon And Scare People


Flappy Bird


MLG Meme Video Edits


Yanny Or Laurel Audio


Silly Bandz


Those Bracelets That Made You More Stable / Balanced Or Pulled Toxins Out Of Your Wrist


Every Popular Song Getting An Alvin And The Chipmunks Cover


The Panama Papers


Bean Bag Chairs


The Bird Box Challenge


Kony 2012

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