22 Amazing Landscapes By Canadian Artist That Look Like They Are Out Of A Photograph

They say winter is the best time of year – everything looks beautiful and lightweight even if covered by a thick blanket of snow. Every house smells of hot chocolate and the feeling of comfort and warmth is in the air. Winter often unites people and the magical atmosphere inspires artists everywhere to create fine works of art.

Richard Savoie is a Canadian painter known for his beautiful oil paintings of nature and urban environments. In the paintings of Richard Savoie, the subject is mysterious as they slowly walk further into the distance with their back turned on the narrator. A frosty wonderland bursts with light even if it is depicted in the middle of the night. Savoie astonishes with an impeccable visual memory, a skill with which he paints and, in turn, places the viewer at the exact place and time as experienced by the artist himself.

For over twenty years, Savoie had been an established pastellist. His works made him one of the most respected figurative artists in Canada. But did he stop at that? No. Not this artist. A few years ago, Savoie took a huge risk and put the comfort of a technique acquired and honed over the years aside. Instead, he set his eyes on a new medium as he started painting with oil. Any artist who has ever decided to commit to such a change knows the hurdles it involves. And yet, Savoie surprised with an incredible affinity for this new medium.

Below is a collection of his romantic artworks that perfectly capture the mood of winter and the spirit of Christmas. Scroll down the page and check out the artist’s beautiful paintings that will make you dream of winter!

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